How Video Can Help You Succeed


How Video Can Help You Succeed

A new marketing strategy that is rising in popularity on the internet is explanation videos. This presents an excellent opportunity to raise and increase awareness into a new product or service. As a website or business owner you are able to create these videos as a means to increase traffic, promote your products or services, and even create awareness about your company. News can quickly spread and with the popularity of Social Media platforms and video sharing sites like You Tube a video production company can certainly help you maximize the opportunities.

Ways to Market Your Products or Services

When on the internet you have two different ways for explaining your company products or services. One way in which you can go about this is by using text which is something that has been used for a while now. While you can write compelling pieces about your services, it can be time consuming and not reach as many people as you might like.

The second option that you have for marketing your products and services would be to convert your text into small videos that are interesting and very easy to understand. This is a great method that has worked well on sites such as YouTube when trying to build a following.

Benefits of Using Explanation Videos

There is a huge future ahead for explanation videos on the internet. There are lots of internet users that prefer to view online videos as opposed to text to get a grasp on a topic they’re interested in. With sites such as Facebook and YouTube being used by millions of people each day, the probability of companies making great sales is very likely.

What’s great about making such videos is that they can be created and used by businesses large and small with the same amount of effect. It is also an advantage because it can fit right in with just about any budget which works well for entrepreneurs or new businesses trying to get ahead.

Explanation videos provide your target audience with more information in a short amount a time. It has been shown that about 60% of online users would prefer to watch a video than read text. It has also been proven that the percentage of retention for explanation videos is 50 percent as opposed to text which is only at 10 percent.

By releasing the right video at the right time you could find that it goes viral in a matter of seconds which helps to bring forth a lot of great feedback for your company. Consider increasing your visibility by hiring a corporate video production company for your video marketing needs.

Why Video?


800 million people visit YouTube worldwide every month.

Businesses all over are starting to discover that using video really is powerful and is a much better way to advertise than previous techniques. The emergence of YouTube (I say “emergence”, it’s been around a while now, perhaps I should say the presence) has shown businesses how it really is possible to reach an audience using video with ease. You can even find customers you never knew existed.

Videos online are just as affective as TV according to latest statistics and there is proof according to Google Analytics that video increases traffic to your website on average by 20%. Think about the possibilities this presents to you and consider that the cost of producing online video is minimal in comparison to TV advertising and indeed print (when you consider your reach).

You could be running a hotel on the Dorset coast, why not consider shooting a promotional tour of your facilities? Upload it to youtube and promote it as a TV style ad. You can take further advantage of Google’s close relationship to YouTube and use Google Video Ads to add keywords to your videos o it appears in searches for “Dorset Hotels” so that holidaymakers will find you and see what you have to offer, they can find you from their home, their mobile, tablet or any other advice you’d care to think of!

You don’t need a big budget to work with either, certainly not with our team at Wild Lion Media, we regularly produce videos for small businesses with budgets that fall below £1000 and they are all benefiting and so could you be…….