Live Events

At Wild Lion Media, we are able to offer a wide variety of tailored packages to suit your needs, whether it be a one off 2 hour conference in Birmingham or a three day workshop with 1000 delegates in London, we can cover it!

Event filming has been taking place for years and is not new to the world of commercial business. The benefits of capturing such events are tremendous and you’ll probably find that just about every major event you’ve ever been to will have captured at least the keynote speakers.

The problem for smaller businesses and events is quite simply budget. The costs of video production have fallen dramatically in recent years and the quality of equipment available to the “average joe” has also improved so its not quite the expense it used to be anymore and that makes filming your event even more attractive and worth thinking about.

So whatever your needs are, however big or small and regardless of location, UK or abroad, give us a call and see how we can help you to widen your audience.

Events are inspirational places, businesses tend to be more open, transparent and friendly when attending events, everyone is geared up to network and introduce each other and welcome new ideas. Whether its a large trade show at a venue like the Excel or a small gathering of specialist businesses in a hotel meeting room, whats said is more than likely going to be valuable and is worth capturing.

We are able to help you decide exactly whats worth recording and can suggest the most cost effective ways to carry out these solutions. We are flexible enough to offer a one man crew to a 2 hour meeting in central London and we can do this cost effectively.

Were also good at helping you distribute the captured material, it could be we need to produce a batch of 1000 printed DVD’s to send to all who attended, or provide an online video channel where delegates can log in and view the keynotes they missed or want to re-watch. The opportunities are endless and if your running a series of conferences or on a yearly basis then videos from past conferences can be used as promotional material to attract new delegates and even speakers.

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