Talking Heads

Talking Head videos have become an increasingly popular tool throughout the corporate world to express opinions and inform others of news or information.

Our team have produced talking head videos for a range of clients across a broad spectrum of industries including the financial, health, technology, consultancy, blue chip, marketing and hospitality industries.

Whilst talking heads can be considered a “simple” form of production, there are many elements that need to be considered such as the quality of sound, lighting and the backdrop. A lot of talking heads out there are put together with no prior planning or thought and it can show, they can be dull and boring.

We have numerous tried and tested ways of exploiting this type of media to maximise the benefit to our clients. We’ll work closely with you on the script and suggest ways to break up the dialogue, this can done through the use of other footage or animation and graphics, text titles and page breaks or a change in shot or backdrop, to make sure your talking head remains interesting and informative.

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