Video Production

Our video production service covers everything you’ll need to communicate your message effectively. From script and storyboarding through to the final edit. Our team of experts are well aware that every clients needs are different and thats why we’ll work closely with you to determine the most appropriate production for you.

In the initial stages we’ll speak with you at length or meet with you face to face to discuss your ideas. We’ll help guide you through the production process, helping you to determine whether you need interviews, animation, voice overs or music and whether or not your video needs to be one minute or half an hour.

If your in need of sources of inspiration, feel free to view our video production projects in our portfolio and if your still not quite sure or you’ve seen something on the tv that interested you, then let us know and we’ll turn your concept into a screen production.

We know from experience that every production is unique, your company will have its own message to convey and it will need to tie in with everything else you do which is why were completely flexible.

You may already have a script for your video, you have decided on your locations and format, in which case we’ll just complete the project for you. But if you need more guidance, help with your script or ideas on how to address your target audience then give one of the team a call.

The beauty of such a flexible service means you will only ever pay for what is absolutely necessary and you can be sure that your video will be different to the competition.

So if your considering video production but don’t know where to start or you’ve got an idea in mind and need us to put it onto screen, give us a call today.

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