Web Videos

The Internet has continued to grow in size and in its usage, it has changed the way in which we live. We are now in an era where websites are common place, just as common as a business card, this essentially means websites are now competing against each other, not just for google rankings, services, products or price but also content and entertainment.

Most websites took advantage of stills photography years ago but now the advancements of video and its reducing cost have seen a shift from photography to video. Sites like youtube and vimeo have made it easy for companies across the globe to embed videos onto their sites and cheaply.

The internet gives you unlimited access to the largest population of people on the planet, all within easy reach. There are also social networking sites, directories and blogs to spread your message through. Video is the perfect marketing tool to grab the attention of the marketplace. Its cost effective, interesting and can be visually encapsulating.

Our web videos are designed to suit the need of our clients, simple. We offer a bespoke service tailored to the exact needs of your company. After initial consultations we’ll work out a plan of action for your video.

Our team have lots of experience in dealing with web videos and we also work closely with web developers, designers and coders, so we can even set up your own site for you. We can produce weekly series to cover events that your running, we can produce monthly videos to highlight different aspects of your business, single videos showcasing a product or advertising your service. These videos can then be released onto your website, vimeo, youtube, alongside your e-newsletter, in emails or even embedded into a magazine! (Yes this is possible thanks to you smart phone technologies, you can now embed a video into a magazine by printing a bar code that can then be scanned by any smart phone which will open up the video on your phone! – if you don’t believe us, we’ll send you a copy!)

Whilst the social networking sites aren’t everyones cup of tea, there is no disputing their power and their customer base, if Facebook were a country it would be the 8th most populated in the world! So get your viral on there!

If your unsure about the web, social networking, youtube, vimeo, e-newletters, websites or the whole thing in general, don’t worry, our team of dedicated professionals would be delighted to lend you a hand and explain the possibilities, opportunities and how it all works.

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